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Polarblaze – Weisses Rauschen – Book

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Author: Bitten Stetter, Ilona Koetter
Publisher: Stetter_Koetter selfpublished (2000)
Language: German
ISBN-10: X
ISBN-13: X
Dimension: 15 x 22 x 0,4 cm

Book Description
In the functional environment of the everyday, in the clean image of the urban cold metropolis – how can young people define their personal place? The answer of the youth- and subculture is graffiti. Is this protest or an artform? The pure white collection Polarblaze creates a space for a fantastic global art, still fighting for acceptance. Glamour hits the streets – grafitti learns how to run.

For this collection stetter_koetter cooperated with the famous graffiti-artists Daim, Tasek, Daddy Cool, Toast and Stohead. The Red Dot awarded catalouge is designed in cooperation with Design Office Mesch (3-D, animation & graphics) and Dirk Messner (photography). The fashion presentation was supported by Christian Stribol (video), Alarm and Knospt (sounds & music), Spex (raps), DJ Koze aka Adolf Noise and Tobias Thomas (mixing).

Club Phonodrome / Hamburg, Polarblaze – the show.
The atmosphere is composed of concentration and tension. The catwalk is lit with spotlights; models appear on the catwalk, their outfits white and un- touched. The models join the graffiti sprayers out- side the hall. Gasmasks protect them from the biting smell of the paint. The internationally renowned graffiti-artists are in action. The white outfits are rapidly transformed by the aggressive colours.
The audience witnesses the event via a videoscreen. The spraying noises are the initial sound for the beat starting inside the hall. As the models return to the catwalk the smell of fresh spray-paint fills the club. The fusion of graffiti and fashion is perfect. The new collection is created. The finishing touch is set by the HipHop musician Spax with a Rap freestyle on the stage. All senses are in engaged.