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DAIMartwear LogoWhat is DAIMartwear?
Not revolution but innovation as well as evolution are the principals DAIMartwear wants to stand for. Those who know the artist also know that he applicably participated in the development of graffiti art for the last 20 years. Only by an enduring consistency, the lasting courage for difference as well as certain thoroughgoingness towards short lived trends has this been possible.
The artist´s power of innovation paired with creativity and a high degree of design quality are now about to bestow stimulus and impuls to fashion. Without criticism towards the existing, room for improvement is offered. Without the insolence of superiority the delight in differentness is aroused. Exactly this is what is offered to the wearer of the new collection. A discreet statement devoid of raising the claim of reaching everyone but those who already belong.

For whom is DAIMartwear?
DAIMartwear is for wearers and collectors rather than buyers. Such a shirt is not only made for purchasing but also for owning. Or even better it should be looked upon as an investment. An investment in the arts, in feeling good and in identity. Not followers but leaders, not impostors but impersonators wear DAIMartwear.
This is not always linked to age but to experience. Those who witnessed many short lived trends and maybe even took part in a few will sooner or later find their way intuitively through the jungle of offers made and are content within his own homeland of style and brands. Expressiveness combined with understatement is the philosophy of such people. That`s why DAIMartwear fits them and they fit DAIMartwear.

The required know how in the field of the production and finishing of textiles is contributed by Noax GmbH with experts in logistics and warehousing as well.

Dealer inquiries welcome.