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DENITE LogoWhat is Denite?
The term “Denite” bears no original meaning but is more an artificial creation which again automatically gives it a derived but certainly implied meaning – a link to the arts. At the same time, DENITE also is a brand and a label marking in a subtile way art as fashion and fashion as art for the interested beholder.

The goal is to make urban artwork wearable in form of fashionable clothes. Prolonging the creative process onto objects of utility DENITE is offering contemporary artists the possibility to increase the presence of their creation within daily life.

Who is Denite?
Similar to artists who often form groups or work together in projects across different regions and disciplines of art, DENITE was formed by people with different origins and disposition.

DAIM is he creative mind of the constellation and lay the foundation for DENITE through is DAIMartwear collections. After making ample experiences through collaborations with brands such as Carhartt und Levi`s time simply was right for his own label and collection.

The required know how in the field of the production and finishing of textiles is contributed by Noax GmbH with experts in logistics and warehousing as well.

Dealer inquiries welcome!