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Eros and Aphrodite – architecture contest

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“Eros and Aphrodite – Classical mythology in urban language”

Architecture contest, Spielbudenplatz, Hamburg-St. Pauli.

Artists: DAIM, Daddy Cool, Tasek | "Eros & Aphrodite" | 2004 | partner: ÜNN Architekten und StadtplanerThe conceptual idea for the project reflects the manifold spirit of the district of St. Pauli.
Aphrodite made from the foam of the sea and symbol for beauty, easy spirits irresponsibility as well as her son Eros, god of creativity, arts and amorous longings are the essence of what St. Pauli is famous for. The easy way of life and liberalness up to purchasable love as well as the arts, the theatre and music as a mean of yearning for the beautiful make light to creative creation. Aphrodite and Eros govern each of the two parts of the square divided by the Taubenstraße.
Through both characters the immortal spirit ensouling the site is possible to experience. The plaza becomes a diverse space for discovery emphasising modern and artistic urban development. It stays usable for many practical activities during the day and remains an attractive area and meeting point.
At night it almost gains a magical dimension through its lighting – more than adequate for the myth it is based upon.

Artists: DAIM, Daddy Cool, Tasek | “Eros & Aphrodite” | 2004 | partner: ÜNN Architekten und Stadtplaner