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Smell of paint in the air – Postcardbox

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"Smell of paint in the air" | Exhibition Catalogue | Postcard-Box | 2005“Smell of paint in the air – Daim.Tasek.Stohead.Daddy Cool”
Limited Edition
Author: Mirko Reisser, Gerrit Peters, Heiko Zahlmann
Postcards in linen coated box made of strong carton (42 cards)
Publisher: getting-up (2005)
Language: German
Dimension: 11,5 x 15,7 x 2,7 cm

Post Cards:
Front: colored, back: black & white
Printetd on strong 350g post card carton, front UV-varnish glossy

Official “Smell of paint in the air” Exhibition Catalogue
42 post cards that come in a linen coated carton box sealed with a sleeve sticker.
Smell of paint in the air - catalogue-boxThe for graffiti artists DAIM, TASEK, STOHEAD and DADDY COOL introduce themselves on portrait cards and a group card as well as their work on eight separate cards each. The set is completed with pictures of combined mural works and group projects. On the occasion of the serial of exhibitions called “Smell of paint in the air” this box is presented by getting-up and only available at selected dealers.