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Minimal Illusions – Working with the Collection Rik Reinking

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"Minimal Illusions - Arbeiten mit der Sammlung Rik Reinking", Villa Merkel und Bahnwärterhaus, Galerien der Stadt Esslingen am Neckar, Pulverwiesen 25, 73726 Esslingen am Neckar. 19.02.2006 - 17.04.2006 (Faltblatt)villaMERKEL BAHNWAERTERhaus
19th February until 17th April 2006

Minimal Illusions – Working with the Rik Reinking Collection: one of the youngest collectors, Germany’s intermediary and, at them same time, an early promoter of what are now some of the most respected artists and artistic approaches, will be showing an exclusive selection of outstanding works by over 50 artists from Europe, Japan and Overseas.The show examines issues of contexts, interfacial approaches and conflicts. The works relate to one another in vital and exciting ways that transcend historic boundaries. For example: what has Ulrich Rückriem to do with Günter Tuzina or Wulf Kirschner, Robert Rauschenberg with Urs Frei, or Jonathan Meese with David Reed? What links Tom Früchtl, Reiner Splitt, Johannes Esper and Stefan Panhans? How do strategies of contemporary minimalist art provide a connection between yesterday and today?

Artist: Mirko Reisser (DAIM) | "Style hunting"| spraypaint on wall | Exhibition "Arbeiten mit der Sammlung Rik Reinking" at Villa Merkel, Esslingen / Germany, 19.02. - 17.04.06

Minimal Illusions – Working with the Rik Reinking Collection turns Villa Merkel and the Bahnwärterhaus into an exciting (temporary) museum which combines two different perspectives: the Collector (Rik Reinking) and the Curator (Andreas Baur).

Exhibiting Artists:
Banksy, Monica Bonvicini, Mirko Reisser (DAIM), Rainer Splitt, Stefan Panhans, Daniel Man, Rolf Bergmeier, Heiko Zahlmann, Tom Früchtl, Michael Schmeichel, John von Bergen, Izumi Kato, Rolf Rose, Gerrit Peters, Madeleine Dietz, Dimitris Tzamouranis, Carl Andre, Hermine Anthoine, Wulf Kirschner, Markus Paetz, Johannes Esper, Christoph Hässler, Nir Alon, Johannes Wald, Robert Rauschenberg, Ulrich Rückriem, Urs Frei, Lawrence Weiner, Günter Tuzina, Ben Vautier, Fumiki Bando, Norbert Frensch, Satoshi Hata, Tatsunja Higuchi, Yosihaka Kaihatsu, Izumi Kato, Satoshi Katono, Toshiya Kobayashi et al.

Pulverwiesen 25
73726 Esslingen am Neckar / Germany

For further information: villa-merkel.de