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DAIMsam – SAM Artist Series 01

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Artist: DAIM | "DAIMsam" | Red Magic Toy (Hongkong) | 2007As part of the SAM Artist Series 01 released by Red Magic, Hongkong is the DAIMsam the first official toy made by DAIM and a must for any collector. Especially, since this toy will be the start of his own DAIMseries.
Most collectors will already have heard of Red Magic and there toys. All other should be reminded that those guys from Hongkong provide some of the finest stock for any toy-junkie around the world. Now, once more they have released one of the greatest temptation since such collectibles have been on the market. A box with 24 toys each taken from the SAM Artist Series 01.

Artist: DAIM and other | "Sam" | Red Magic Toy (Hongkong) | 2007