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nextwall – Jung von Matt/next makes Graffiti interactive

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Especially in Germany, loads of people already know the creative agency Jung von Matt but even more will have heard of their renown customers such as Mercedes, Sixt or Nintendo. Nevertheless none of these companies would be quite as famous without the ads and spots created by JvM. Fore these designers and creative people more and more resort to the style and color spectrum of graffiti. Thus it is not surprising that the new media unit of Jung von Matt „next“ – situated in the Karol-quarter in Hamburg – has asked five graffiti artists to design one of their building’s walls with a interactive wall piece. Over the course of several days Daim, Seak, Tasek, Desur und Daddy Cool demonstrated the history of graffiti on a roughly 30 meter wall: Starting with intricate tags of the first hour, moving on to bright bubbles of the eighties all the way to the “next generation mix” of street art and digital media. Starting as of today one may watch this process in the backyard of the agency in Hamburg, Grabenstrasse (find location at Google Maps)  or on the web at nextwall.de, which will continue to develop during the next 18 months.