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AlterEgo – The Movie on DVD

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AlterEgo - DVDTags, throwups and pieces are part of almost every major cityscape around the world, and are more or less part of our everyday life.
AlterEgo takes you to 9 major cities around the world and into the lifes of some very passionate individuals standing behind those written identities, walking the borderline between creation and destruction, art and vandalism.
The camera follows them around into places, one would hardly see on their own, shows them on their urban missions as well as their studios and homes.
The featured artists talk about their justification using public space as a means for their expression, the role of Graffiti in an arthistorical context and the influence of advertisement on society, placed in the most public areas.
This stunning worldwide documentary film gives us a close inside look into the biggest art movement the world has seen so far, and into an artform that is not really accepted as such and yet not understood by most people.
Most of the featured artist pursue a professional career already, either as artists or designers or in fields not related to art at all. They come from different social backgrounds, different countries and cultures, but they all have one thing in common – the love for their creation and expression, and everything that comes out of it.

DAIM, Cantwo, Ewok, FDC, Herbert Baglione, Just, Krush, Nunca, Order, Saber, Smash 137, Steven Grody, T-Kid, Zak, Askew, Caib, Caligula

DVD Pal, Runtime: 63 min.
Producer / Director: Daniel Thouw

"AlterEgo" | DVD | 2008

More Infos: alterego-themovie.com

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