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All directions – GelaSkins (Laptops & Netbooks)

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Artist: DAIM | "All directions" | Device: 15" MacBook ProAvailable for:
Apple, PC Laptops, Netbooks.

13″ Apple Unibody Laptops (Pro, Air, MacBook), 13″ Original MacBook, 13.3 & 14.1″ PC Laptops, 15″ MacBook Pro Unibody, 15″ MacBook Pro, 15.4″ PC Laptops, 17″ MacBook Pro Unibody, 17″ MacBook Pro, 17″ PC Laptops, Netbooks (Small), Netbooks (Medium), Netbooks (Large), 14″ Apple iBook, 12″ PowerBook and iBook

Available at GelaSkins.com

GelaSkins are removable covers for protecting and customizing your portable devices. They feature stunning, photo-quality graphics ranging from fine art prints to contemporary urban images designed by our growing family of artists from around the globe. Stand out in the crowd with personalized protection from GelaSkins.

Patented 3M adhesive make GelaSkins easy to apply with no residue left behind. The adhesive allows you to reposition the skin so you can easily get a perfect fit.
GelaSkins defend your device with a durable anti-scratch. anti-UV coating.

Artist: DAIM | "All directions"