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December 2010

DAIMaround – Poster
13. December 2010 – 10:22
DAIMaround – Poster

A stream of flashing white is blasting a complex style of colours and shapes. The typeface of silent shades of grey and screaming orange is shattering, bursting at the energetic idea, with which DAIM is …

Auf der Lauer – Poster
7. December 2010 – 15:26
Auf der Lauer – Poster

A creative structure of winding letters, washed-out colours and scattered forms. The centre oft he motif is arousing an irresistable maelstrom, threatening to draw its observers into the picture. Strength and silence are kept very …

DAIM.org Intro-Animation
5. December 2010 – 20:57
DAIM.org Intro-Animation

Artist: DAIM, Animation: Daniel Thouw | “daim.org Intro Animation” | 2004
Click on image to watch the animation.