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Still on and non the wiser – DVD

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still on and non the wiser - DVD | 2011Eleven international artists transform a venerable museum into a living, pulsating total work of art.
Unifying natural contrasts: subculture and high art, academics and autodidacts, zeitgeist and tradition, spray cans and paint brushes, chaos and creation.
Even in a museum the vitality and straightforwardness of street art isn’t lost. The featured artists represent the cream of the crop in urban subculture. The contemporary celebration of artistic tradition. Art without easy access to the “art world”. An excursion into gripping and enchanting worlds showing the syllable “sub” to be obsolete for this culture.

Featured Artists:
Mirko Reisser (DAIM), Os Gemeos, Tilt, Tasek, Zevs, Herbert Baglione, Miss Van, Heiko Zahlmann, Stohead, Daniel Man, Pius Portmann.

still on and non the wiser - DVD | 2011 | backcoverRelease Date: May 2011 | Runtime: 93 min., Stereo, PAL, Language and Subtitels: english / german. Region free, Rated 6 Years up.
Director: Sali Landricina, produced by Ultralab

Available at: DAIMshop.com | amazon.de

More infos about the still on and non the wiser exhibition here.