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Sign of the Time – Rare Poster

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Artists: DAIM, Darco, Loomit, Hesh, Vaine, Ohne | "Zeichen der Zeit" | Poster | 1996Mankind always felt the need to leave visible marks of its existence. In 1995 this fact was payed tribute to on a wall of a skyscraper in Hamburg-Bergedorf. In collaboration with the SAGA housing association Loomit, Darco, Hesh, Vaine, Ohne and DAIM created the highest graffiti of the world so far on this aforementioned wall of a skyscraper.

The „Zeichen der Zeit“ (“Sign of the Time”) poster shows the final result of this daring exceptional project.
Actually sold out since more than ten years, some few rare copies are available in the DAIMshop.com right now.