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14. Art Auction for Foundation Ueberleben

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Mirko Reisser (DAIM) | "DAIM - all direction - the cold explosion - Serie 5" | Spraypaint with 5 stencils on Arches Aquarelle paper, 300 g/m², Satiné, warm white, 100% cotton, acid free, marked both with "Arches France" watermark and a curved "Arches Aquarelle" embossed chop | 56,5 x 76,5 cm / 22.24" x 30.12" | 03.2012 | Edition of 4 | View: 4/4Art Auction for Ueberleben – Foundation for Torture Survivors.

Antoinette, Kedron Barret, Liane Birnberg, Norbert Bisky, Christoph Bouet, Winfried Bullinger, Leonardo Camatta, Antonio Catelani, Christo und Jeanne-Claude, Mirko Reisser (DAIM), Sabine Dehnel, Tim Deussen, Guenther Eck, El Bocho, Martin Engelman, Ute Faber, Wolfram Erber, Tom Fabritius, Thomas Florschuetz, Klaus Fußmann, Gezett, Martin Gietz, Kevin Gray, Johannes Grützke, Mnafred Hamm, Thomas Hartmann, Michael Heinlein, Sabine Herrmann, Jens Jensen, Klaus Killisch, Barbara Klemm, Herlinde Koelbl, Henning Kürschner, László Lakner, Michael Laube, Anna Lehmann-Brauns, Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Olga Lunow, Christin Lutze, Nikolai Makarow, Jakob Mattner, Sibylle Meister, Jürgen Messensee, Hannes Möller, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Harald Naegeli, Hermann Nitsch, Helag, Ntephe, Junggeun Oh, Stephan Panhans, Erich Paproth, Caroline Pinger, Barbara Quandt, Ute Rathmann, Jaume Ribas, Romana Rotterová, Shahla Safarzadeh, Cornelia Schleime, thomas Schliesser, Peter Schulz Leonhardt, Georg Seibert, SEO, Sangare Siemsen, K. R. H. Sonderborg, Elisabeth Sonneck, Hermann Spörel, Klaus Staeck, Werner Steinbrecher, Walter Stöhrer, Klaus Süß, Kai Teichert, Alois Thomas, Kannella-Nelly Tragousti, Gudrun Trendafilov, Niels Unbehagen, Walter vom Hove, Steffen Volmer, Torsten Warmuth, Thomas Zitzwitz, Klaus Zolondowski.

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Ueberleben – Foundation for Torture Survivors
Victims of war and torture are often deeply traumatized. They have survived. But their lives are almost nothing like they were before.

We cannot heal survivors of torture. But we can help them as they return to a dignified life.
The Ueberleben – Foundation for Torture Survivors supports men and women, children, young persons and families, who have often been subjected to unimaginable horrors. In order to learn how to cope with these traumatic experiences these individuals require medical and psychosocial care. Both physical health and psychological stability are important in helping these persons to integrate into society and find employment opportunities in the places where they now live in exile. The Foundation works towards achieving these aims.

The Ueberleben – Foundation for Torture Survivors was established in 1997 with the support of the former Federal President of Germany, Richard von Weizsäcker. In 1999 the non-profit Foundation started working to help torture survivors.

More infos: stiftung-ueberleben.de (german)