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Portrait: Mirko Reisser (DAIM) in Front of "DEIM - auf der Lauer" | spraypaint on wall | 04.2005 | Exhibition: "SMELL OF PAINT IN THE AIR", K3- Kampnagel, Hamburg / Germany | Photo: Andreas Bock*1971 in Lueneburg / Germany

Form is created by a few lines, colour becomes an emotion, and shapes reminiscient of architectural elements grow and extend into space. Still plains contrast with dynamic elements which divide and cut across the image.
DAIM succeeds in balancing a variety of content and techniques with his individual style. His geometric figures and letters obey the laws of light and shadow but defy gravity and curve space. The beholder is sucked into the image or feels transported to new dimensions.
It is evident that DAIM’s roots lie in graffiti art. His works, however, nurtured from urban landscapes, also absorb influences from printmaking, painting, architecture etc. Driven by the desire to play a part in the shaping of his environment, to reflect and to question it, he strives to understand his surroundings.
His experiences from various trips around the globe, as well as having met many different characters and encountered different perspectives, have clearly shaped his work. A great number of his works, be it canvasses or murals, are results of cooperations with artists from all over the world.

DAIM’s style is the unifying thread throughout the different techniques, subjects, and places where he leaves his signature, like a logo with many faces. This distinctiveness has played a large part in making his style well-known and influencial all over the world.