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Frequently Asked Questions

DAIM Contact
Inquiries for DAIM please send to contact@daim.org

How kann I buy works such as canvases or posters of DAIM?
If you are interested in purchasing an original piece of art from DAIM, please send email
Posters, t-shirts, postcards etc. you can find at DAIMshop

I am looking for a book or a catalogue on DAIM
A current issue of a book on DAIM’s works can be purchased at DAIMshop, or directly in well assorted book stores. More Infos you can find at DAIM – daring to push the boundaries
If interested in general graffiti books featuring the artist DAIM please got to the bibliography page.

I would like a wall or another surface to be designed or painted by DAIM
If interested please send an email describing your idea and the surface to be designed.

I am interested in a graphic design, say for a CD-Cover for example by the artist DAIM
Usually, remittance works in the area of graphic design are not accepted by the artist. However, some few interesting projects might merry a co-operation. Please send an email

Can I use some of your pictures for this new graffiti site I’m building?
No. The point of you doing a new graffiti site is to display original artwork that is not already on the web. If you like the work on daim.org and would like to represent it, feel free to link to this site.

Can I use some of your images for a school / university project?
Yes, but before you do, please send an email about that. And please give full credit, including the URL http://daim.org.

Was this website designed and programmed by DAIM?
No. This website was created with a WordPress blog-system and based on the Arthemia Premium Theme.