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Call it what you like – Book
18. August 2008 – 12:08
Call it what you like – Book

Author: Rik Reinking, Sven Nommensen
Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad (2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 87-91252-23-7
Dimension: 23 x 30 cm
Nir Alon, Carl Andre, Hermine Anthoine, Herbert Baglione, Miroslav Balka, Banksy, John Von Bergen, Rolf Bergmeier, Guillaume Bijl, John …

Street-Art goes Kunstmarkt – Video
19. September 2007 – 14:47
Street-Art goes Kunstmarkt – Video

TV-Bericht über Street-Art.
Arbeiten und Kommentare aus Hamburg und Berlin.
Interview unter anderem mit Julia Reinecke, Mirko Reisser (DAIM) und Rik Reinking.
Language: German

sculpture@CityNord – Book
18. June 2007 – 11:11
sculpture@CityNord – Book

“sculpture@CityNord – Das temporäre Skulpturenprojekt 2006″
2007. Hamburg / Germany. Organisation Galerie Peter Borchardt. Curator Rik Reinking.
German / English, 176 pages,
24 x 19 cm, Hardcover,
ISBN 978-3-937014-53-1
Publisher: modo Verlag

Book Description
Art within the public space has fallen into …

Coming soon… chipped in by Rik Reinking
23. September 2006 – 16:27
Coming soon… chipped in by Rik Reinking

Contemporary Art Projects Anke Blashofer
In February 2007, there will be a graffiti exhibition under the direction of Dr. Gerhard Finckh at the Kunsthalle Barmen / Von-der-Heydt Museum. The show will be curated by Rik Reinking …

14. May 2006 – 16:30

The temporary sculpture project at the City Nord14th May until 24th September 2006
Initiated by the Grundeigentuemer Interessengemeinschaft City Nord GmbH
Organization: Peter Borchardt
Curator: Rik Reinking
sculpture@CityNord promises to become the event of the Hamburg Art Summer. For …

Smell of paint in the air – WWK
4. September 2005 – 17:03
Smell of paint in the air – WWK

Kunstverein Gartow
4. September – 2. October 2005
Laudatio: Rik Reinking
42 post cards that come in a linen coated carton box sealed with a sleeve sticker. The for artists introduce themselves on portrait cards and a group …

Smell of paint in the air – Postcardbox
14. May 2005 – 19:51
Smell of paint in the air – Postcardbox

“Smell of paint in the air – Daim.Tasek.Stohead.Daddy Cool”
Limited Edition
Author: Mirko Reisser, Gerrit Peters, Heiko Zahlmann
Postcards in linen coated box made of strong carton (42 cards)
Publisher: getting-up (2005)
Language: German
Dimension: 11,5 x 15,7 x 2,7 cm
Post …

Smell of paint in the air – K3
15. April 2005 – 16:54
Smell of paint in the air – K3

Kampnagel, K3 Hamburg
From 15th until 28th April, the four graffiti artists of the getting-up Studio-Collective DAIM (Mirko Reisser), TASEK (Gerrit Peters), STOHEAD (Christoph Hässler) and DADDY COOL (Heiko Zahlmann) will be exhibiting their works in …