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Artists: Toast, Tasek | "Multimedia Wand" | Hamburg / Germany | 1997 | work for "Sprinkenhof AG" at the "Haus der Multimediaproduzenten" | part ofThe idea for this work commissioned by the Sprinkenhof AG in Hamburg came from the fact that the 80 x 10 m sized wall belonged to the house of multi media producers. It shows the multiple ways of people communicating, starting with written words via mechanical printing to modern forms of data transfer. Herewith the book is taken to pieces bit by bit only to reappear on the screen. Thus the painting symbolises the worldwide connection of people in our times. Graffiti styles are the information on this data highway. The former mayor of Hamburg, Henning Voscherau inaugurated the painted wall.

Artists: DAIM, Loomit, Hesh, Tasek, Vaine, Dream, Dare, Trol, Mate, Skena, Scum (Cemnoz), Toast, Neon | “Multimedia Wand” | Hamburg / Germany | 1997 | work for “Sprinkenhof AG” at the “Haus der Multimediaproduzenten”