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DAIM at Urban Discipline 2001 catalogue – Text

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DAIM at Urban Discipline 2001 catalogue – TextThis text was written 2001 by DAIM. Published at “Urban Discipline 2001″ catalogue.
(Language: german / english)

It’s a major point in the writers’ movement that there would be no scenes and movements, if none of us were connected by topic, and if we weren’t constantly influencing each other. Indirectly, each writer is influenced by nearly everyone else. Even when you don’t like a person or his stuff — because of that he influences you.
At some point in your graffiti career, you should develop something new, something of your own. If so, surely it would not be a simple repetition of existing things. It would be given to coming generations for their inspiration, thus enabling the movement to proceed, closing the circle. For at the beginning of your career, you used the ideas of others.
Nothing kills a movement more quickly than locking in new ideas. Graffiti, in particular, lives through “sampling”, but you have to pay close attention to who created the ideas and you have to pay respect, of course.
The influences of commercials, comics or other arts, especially pop-art, are of utmost importance here and allowed expression, but only as long as the result remains a part of graffiti.