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Hydroelectric power plant Goldisthal

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Artist: DAIM, Desur | "Der Ursprung" | work for Vattenfall | Goldisthal Thueringen / Germany | 07.2003After more than 30 years of planning and building a project the vision of Vattenfalls finally takes its shape. The hydroelectric power plant Goldisthal set the benchmark for future oriented technology and embodies the values of the company. Through integrating the whole complex naturally within the landscape one can quickly notice that Vattenfalls took the idea of building a power plant a step further. Even in the machinery cavern, the heart of the whole complex the concept of using natural materials in combination with modern technology is carried out. Inspired by the symbiosis of nature and technology function and design were supposed to work together by the invisible transformation of water into electrical power. The project enables visitors to have a unusual view through two windows behind the scene of stone and steel.

Artist: DAIM, Desur | “Der Ursprung” / “Die Transformation” | work for Vattenfall | Goldisthal Thueringen / Germany | 07.2003