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Letters First – Tokyo and Taipei

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"Letters First" | The Seventh Letter CrewEven the graffiti scene is not left untouched by the recent hype concerning web 2.0. That is why the Seventh Letter Crew has installed a blog on the occasion of the “Letters First” tour to Tokyo and Taipei. Thrice every day the contents of the blog concerning the tour and the artists involved e.g. Chaz Bojorquez, Mister Cartoon, Daim, Shepard Fairey, Seak, Saber, Revok, Pusher, Retna, Krush, Ewok, Sever, The Grime, Barry McGee, Persue, Doze Green, Eric Haze, Bates, Ron English amongst others are updated. If you want to learn more about the making of „Letters First“ and the tour through Asia click here atknowngallery.com.

"Letters First (Tokyo - Taipei)", Space Edge. 20.10.2006 - 21.10.2006

More Infos about the Letters First – Postcard-Book.