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Abstraction 21 | DAIM&LOKISS – Paris exhibition

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Abstraction 21 | DAIM&LOKISS - exhibition flyer (2013)Thursday, September 19th to Saturday, October 12th 2013
Hélène Bailly Gallery, Paris.
Curated by Valériane Mondot – Taxie Gallery

DAIM and LOKISS are both masters of their stiles and pioneers of their movement. Aim of the exhibition Abstraction 21 is to find a new expression of abstraction. Lines, shapes and layout determine the daily work of both artists. This is the first time that both artists are shown side by side and together, to give their works a different focus. Thereby the beholder is not only offered a new concept of a movement, the essence of this movement is extracted.

The works of LOKISS are significantly influenced by Frantisek Kupka, Robert Delaunay or Ipoustéguy: He tends to dynamic and stylised forms of colour, that would lead to an absolute abstraction, if we wouldn’t also spot human forms, surfaces and elements of reality in them. Fused or subsumed in huge buildings, his works permit the eyes to wander and to explore the background more than the form itself.

Mirko Reisser (DAIM) illustrates in his works the four letters of his writer name over and over. Because of this limitation and the repetition of those four letters, it is possible for him to push his writing close to the impossible. The construction and deconstruction of the letters plays an important role in this process. DAIM’s works put the observer under a spell – also with their seemingly unlimited complexity. But with this complexity the works are also given a maximum of clarity, order and structure.

The works of both artists seem very different at first glance. With more observation they surprisingly share a lot of similarities: „Without betraying the references, rites and techniques of their movement both artists cross the limits of the conventions and thus invent an important reformation of the visual code. The works don’t oppose, but they give way to a new direction, they show sustainability but also mark their heritage. The common presentation, focusing the abstract, thus is a new and more exciting experience“. Valériane Mondot, Taxie Gallery


Thursday, September 19th to Saturday, October 12th 2013
Opening: Thursday, September 19th
Hélène Bailly Gallery
38, rue de Seine. 75006 Paris / France

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